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ANTIQUE Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Manifold Fountain Pen 1920s WESGSM1

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Antique Vintage Wahl Eversharp Gold Seall Fountain Pen in Black and White Marble with 14k gold Nib. Good working condition. 14 KT Gold Nib Imprinted- WAHL EVERSHARP Gold Seal Manifold. Clip is imprinted Wahl Eversharp. Lever Fill Pen fills from bottled ink Pen is in good working condition. Ink sac is intact. Pen fills easily and writes well. The gold seal emblem is missing and the white is discolored from age. otherwise little normal wear. No cracks or major damage. 4 5/8" long when capped.

Very rare pen. Good condition, Nice Writing Pen!



Original Classic 1920's Wahl Eversharp fountain pen model. makes a great 1920's - 1950's era Movie, TV or Stage Prop.

ANTIQUE Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Manifold Fountain Pen 1920s

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Vintage Antique Wahl Eversharp Fountain Pen restored to good writing condition. This Classic Eversharp Gold Seal Pen fills and writes well. No additional improvements have been made and the character of this vintage pen has been retained. Cosmetically this classic Wahl Eversharp pen has been left in original condition as found. Great writing pen
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Fountain pen writing is a unique experience. Vintage pens use liquid ink and split metal fountain pen tips or Nibs. The ink is stored internally in antique pens either in a rubber ink sack, ink converter or in later collectible pen models, a plastic ink cartridge. The liquid ink flows through a grooved section to the fountain pen nib. The free flowing ink results in a smooth writing experience that cannot be duplicated with ball point pens or pencils.

Collecting Fountain Pens? Start or add to your vintage pen collection with this beautiful Antique Eversharp Gold Seal Manifold Fountain Pen. Eversharp Gold Seals are very Rare fountain pens and popular collectors Itemss. Fountain pen collecting is a great hobby rich in history. Vintage Pens and Pencils make great investments and interesting collectibles. Writing with a fountain pen, antique or modern, is a unique experience that most have not shared in fact most people know little about fountain pens. Eversharp was a leading fountain pen manufacturer. Eversharp pens have always been considered one of the best fountain pens made and the equal of other major brands like Parker Pen, Watterman's and Sheaffers. Over 90 years old, this wonderful antique Eversharp fountain pen looks and writes great. Treat yourself to this lovely classic antique pen. A nice addition to any collection. Great writing pen or wonderful display item.

HISTORY- Eversharp was started in 1913 by Charles Rood Keeran. He was granted his first patent in 1915 for the Eversharp pencil. The first production run was sub contracted to a New Jersy Company, Heath. Heath was an established supplier of metal componants to the writing equipment industry. These pencils were sucessfully test marketed at Wanamakers Department store in New York City. Keeran then moved his operation to Chicago Illinois where he contracted with the Wahl Adding Machine Company to manufacture Eversharp pencils. In 1916 Eversharp was purchased by Wahl. With over 12 million sold by 1921 the Eversharp pencil was a huge success. In 1917 Wahl offered it's first fountain pen becoming one of the leading manufacturers of both pencils and pens.The company was re-named Wahl-Eversharp in the 1920s producing high quality fountain pens and mechanical pencils. The company remained a major player through the 1940's when the name was shortened to Eversharp dropping the Wahl name. Sales declined in the 1950s and Eversharp was purchased by the Parker Pen Company in 1957. The Eversharp name was retained and used on an economy line of pens and pencils produced by Parker.
Antique Wahl Eversharp 1920's Fountain Pen WESGSM1 Antique Eversharp Gold Seal 1920's Fountain Pen WESGSM1 Antique Classic Eversharp Gold Seal 1920's Fountain Pen WESGSM1
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