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 Interesting Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Replicas, Antique Reproductions.
Collectibles, Architectural Accents, TV / Movie and Stage Props.

Antique Watches. Vintage Writing Instruments. Antique / Vintage Cameras. Antique Lighters and Cigarette Cases. Casino Gaming / Gambling Collectibles. Guitars and Accessories, Cycling and Sports Accessories. Classic Breweriana Tavern and Pub Collecitbles. Sports Memorabilia. Art and Decoritive Items. Entertainment Memorabilia. Pottery and Glass. Travel Souvenirs and Collectibles. Classic Vintage Toys and Hobbies. Vintage Clothing / Classic Home Accessories.
Additions Antiques. Vintage Antiques and Collectibles for Collectors, Architectural Accents.
Movie TV and Stage Props.
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JUST LAUNCHED! A new website dedicated to interesting antiques and collectibles. I have been a collector for over 30 years and have decided to offer some of my treasures for sale. This site will also provide information and history related to my favorites.

We Specialize in

 Antique Folding and Box Cameras Eastman Kodaks our specialty. Antique and Vintage cameras from the early 1900s. Bakelite and plastic models from the 1940s 50s and 60s. Kodak, Poloroid, and other brands.

 Antique Pocket Watches. Vintage and collectible wrist watches. Vintage Antiques, Retro and modern collectibles.
 Longines, Hamilton, Bulova, Elgin and other brands.

 Fountain Pens, Mechanical pencils. Vintage Antiques. Retro and modern collectibles. Quality Replicas and Antique Reproductions. Parker, Sheaffer’s, Watterman, Esterbrook, Wahl Eversharp,

 Antique and Vintage Cigarette lighters, Table lighters. Cigarette Cases, Case Lighter combinations. Ronson, Zippo, Evans. Vintage, Antique Collectible. Vintage, Retro and Modern Collectibles.

 Casino Playing Cards, Vintage and modern. Poker Chips, ANTIQUE wood, bakelite, clay and cardboard “noiseless” Chips Modern Clay and plastic chips. Casino Chips, Dice and Casino Memorabilia.

 Beer Schooners, Mugs and Goblets. Bottles, Trays, Bottle openers, Signs and advertising. Vintage and modern collectibles.

I seem to be covering all of my areas of interest at There is a page with Cycling collectibles and accessories and one with guitar items. These will have occasional vintage items but I will also include special deals that I have located and want to share. I don’t have much on these pages yet but will be adding items as they become available.

We will be adding products and information to on a regular basis so check back often.

This is my first blog and yes I will be offering items for sale but these are things I have a genuine interest in and have been collecting most of my life. So I will also include information on product histories, Histories of manufacturers and my personal comments and evaluations. It is a bit hectic with the start up of Additions Antiques and so for now so I will start out with weekly blogs and will try to highlight one item in each providing history and details.

Let me know what you think. If you have any question or if I can provide additional information Contact me at I look forward to your input and discussion.