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Retro, Vintage Ronson Premiere VaraFlame Butane Cigarette Lighter Early 1960s

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2428 W Taylor St.

Chicago, IL 60612

Retro, Vintage Ronson Premiere Cigarette Lighter Early 1957 -1960s

Retro, Vintage Ronson Premiere Cigarette Lighter Early 1957 -1960s


Vintage 1960s Ronson Premiere VaraFlame Butane Cigarette Lighter. Silver Tone with lined pattern. Classic 1950s Space Age Styling. Made by Ronson, Newark New Jersey USA . Sparks and lights. Good used condition with little normal wear.

Fills and lights. Works Great.

Vintage Ronson Premiere Varaflame Cigarette Lighter Early 1960s

Only One Available

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Retro, Vintage Ronson Premier Cigarette Lighter  Space Age Styling

Ronson Lighter Company

Lighter flints and the first lighter When, in time, technological advances were developed to allow for the manufacture of a safe flint material in 1906, Aronson's ambition for an automatic pocket lighter soon became a reality. Under his leadership, the Art Metal Works began designing prototypes, and patented several generations of Igniting-Apparatus until finally arriving at the Banjo Lighter. Ronson received an exclusive patent, in 1926, for a new automatic style of lighter that worked with one hand and Ronson marketed it under the slogan "A flip - and it's lit! Release - and it's out!" Ronson's new lighters were an overnight success worldwide and soon the company offered a variety of lighters for all tastes. Ronson Lighter Company In 1913, Louis Aronson applied for a patent for a Liter (lighter), which was approved. In 1926 he released a new "automatic operation" Banjo lighter, which offered both ignition and extinguishment in a single push. It was a great success, demand shortly exceeding supply, spurring Aronson to patent it and design other products around the invention, which were marketed under the Ronson brand name. As with the Art Metal Works output, many well-built and stylish early Ronson lighters demand high prices in the collectibles marketplace. Wartime shift in production During World War II, Ronson plants were switched to 24-hour ammunition production, though Zippo lighters were available to U.S. GIs.[8] American-made Sherman tanks were nicknamed "Ronsons" by German tank crews for their propensity to catch fire when hit by German tank shells. It also is known they were used as flame throwers in the South Pacific and were referred to as Ronsons by the U.S. soldiers.[citation needed] Ronson Consumer Products Corporation After the war, Ronson turned to producing lighters, then branched out into domestic goods such as electric shavers and cooking appliances. The company expanded to include England and Australia.In the early 1980s, high costs and the advent of cheap disposable lighters forced closure of its production facility at Leatherhead in England. Now, a European branch at Long Buckby in Northamptonshire in the UK sells a range of stylish and exclusive butane lighters consistent with the firm's legacy, along with the usual disposible and refillable lighters and requisites.Ronson appliances in Australia, after being sold by the parent company, were eventually sold by a corporation unassociated with the original lighter manufacturer, and have subsequently both gone out of business