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Retro Vintage Evans Trig-A-Lite Cigarette Lighter Case Combination 1934- 1940

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Good Used Condition Decent Spark. Lights!

Good Used Condition. Very Little Wear. Restored to working condition. Otherwise left in original condition as found. This one is ready to use. Be the hit of the smoking section!


Retro, Vintage Evans Cigarette Lighter Case Combo


Evans Trig-A-Lite Cigarette Lighter Case Combination. Made by The Evans Company, Attleboro Massachusetts USA.Trig-A-Lite lighters were made from 1934 - 1940 Decent spark and lights. These old mechanisms are a little tricky so it may take a few trys to light but works well. Chrome finish. Hammered metal finish on front . Cross check line pattern on back. Good Used Condition. No dents of major damage. Front is good. Back and back interior have a little discoloration in a few spots. Flint screw inscribed EVANS TRIG-A-LITE. Interior inscribed EVANS PAT. 60179. OTHER PAT. PENDING. Nice Working Accessory or Great Display Item.

Only One Available

Prices in US Dolllars

Vintage Evans Cigarette Case Lighter Combination 1930s
Antique Evans Trig-a-lite
Evans Trig-A-Lite Lighter Case 1930s
Antique Evans Cigarette Case Lighter
Antique Evans Lighter Case Combination
Retro Vintage Evans Lighter Case

The Evans Company History

The Evans Company, located in Attleboro Massachusetts first began as handbag and accessory manufacturer in the early teens. By the early to mid 20s they began producing lighters using the lift arm system, similar to the system used by Alfred Dunhill except that the flint wheel was mounted vertically rather than horizontally. The Evans Company produced many beautiful lighters with this system incorporating enameled designed cases to house the mechanism. They made matching cigarette cases and many beautiful perfume atomizers with similar designed cases.

When the Ronson system began to take on more popularity due to its ease of use, The Evans Company made their own version of the one press system called the Trig-a-lite mechanism and quickly the Ronson Company started a lawsuit against Evans for copying their system. Litigation when on for many years and finally Ronson won and Evans had to settle with Ronson.

During the 1940s and 1950s, the Evans Company produced hundreds of decorative table lighters using beautiful enameled bases in various shapes, many in the shapes of fruits and used the same lighter unit in all their models. This lighter unit was easy to fit into any decorative base and was used for many years. With the advent of the butane system, Evans designed the same size unit in butane so that users could easily convert their decorative bases into butane lighters. The Evans Company produced lighters into the 1970s.