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ANTIQUE Fountain Pen Reproduction, Vintage Pen Replica

Model 616

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This is a NEW fountain pen based on a 1950s design. It has the look and feel of a 1950s hooded nib pen.The internal ink converter easily fills from bottled ink and the pen writes smoothly. If you didn't know you would think you were using a vintage pen. Enjoy the fountain pen writing experiance with one of the the best fountain pen designs. A modern classic pen at a great price.

Vintage Reproduction Fountain Pen 616


616- ANTIQUE Reproduction Fountain Pen


Model 616 Fountain pen. Similar to Vintage Pens like the Parker 51 with it's unique Fountain pen tip, hooded nib design. These pens are great. They look similar to the antique models and write smoothly. These pens feature Parker style hooded stainless steel nibs. silver chrome tops and durable carbon fiber barrels. The internal ink converter easily fills from bottled ink. Enjoy the experiance of writing with a fountain pen at a resonable price. These pens write smoothly. If you didn't know you would think you were using a antique pen. A great looking pen at a great price.

Enjoy the fountain pen writing experience everyday while protecting your valuble antique pens. I used to bring my vintage pens to sales calls and meetings until several of my treasured writing instruments were lost or damaged. I now protect my valued antiques by leaving them home and use these quality vintage replica pens at sales calls, when traveling and in the field at a fraction of the cost of the vintage pens.


Antique replica fountain pen Parker 51
antique reissue fountain pen 616